Sleeping Essentials For Travel

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Sleeping Essentials For Travel

Holiday coming up? Or backpacking for the first time?

You’ve probably already planned your itinerary and booked your tickets. But have you considered the must-haves you’ll need to take along with you?

Deciding where to start when it comes to packing for your upcoming adventure may be a little overwhelming. So we’ve put together a quick list of useful sleeping items to get you started!

Neck pillow

Have several long flights throughout your trip? And dreading the fact that it might be hard to find comfort and quality rest before landing at your first destination?

Be prepared with a neck pillow!

There are many different varieties in the market that you could choose from. Do some in-store experimentation to see which pillow complements your neck and will help you achieve that state of relaxation.

Pillow Case

Not to get your hopes down, but sometimes you just can’t be too certain that your hotel or hostel will provide you with fresh, clean pillow cases. So bring a spare one with you just in case!

You’ve got nothing to lose by bringing one. It takes up basically no room in your luggage and at the end of your trip, if you haven’t put it to good use, you can always turn it into your dirty laundry bag!

Bed bug spray

Good night. And don’t let the bedbugs bite!

Depending on the destination, bed bug spray may come in handy!

There is no harm in being cautious here. Getting bitten and experiencing itchiness and swelling is definitely something you don’t want to worry about when traveling.
So it’s better to be safe than sorry, hey?

Eye Mask

In need of a nap because you’re jet-lagged? Want to sneak in a quick snooze whilst you’re waiting to board? Or just need to block out some light when you’re trying to sleep on the plane?     

Simple to travel with and easily stored in your backpack, an eye mask can come in handy at any time during your getaway.

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