Ferryway Mattress Company

Our commercial division of Brownies Mattress Direct

  • 100% New Zealand Owned & Operated

    Ferryway Mattress Company is the commercial division of Brownies Mattress Direct which caters to the accomodation industry throughout New Zealand. We work with a variety of clients including Hotels, Motels, backpackers, B&Bs and boutique guest houses, as well as rest homes and University housing. Ferryway Mattress Company specialises in manufacturing the ultimate in high quality, durable commercial mattress and base sets. We have a range of flexible options available to ensure that we can deliver the best sleep solution to suit your business’ needs.


Beds Built To Last

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    All our commercial bases are made with sustainably grown, kiln-dried NZ Southland Beech Hardwood, a durable wood option which is much stronger than pine.

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    All our commercial mattress and base sets are made with extremely durable ticking options, prolonging the life of your beds.

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    We’re so confident in the quality and durability of our products that all of our commercial bases have a lifetime guarantee against squeaking and breaking.

  • Bed Bug Protection

    Sometimes your guests may unknowingly bring more with them than just their luggage. With Ferryway's range of bed bug treated ticking options, you know your guests will get a healthy night's sleep.

  • Designer Upholstered Bases

    Ferryway provide a designer Upholstered Bed Base option, creating a polished look and eliminating the need for a valance. Choose from a variety of fabrics, colours and textures. We also offer Divan Drawers, giving your guests additional under-bed storage.

  • Flexibility to suit your needs

    Ferryway can accomodate to your existing furnishings and bedding and achieve any bed height you might need. We also have convertible zipped twin-sets and trundler options to offer the flexibility to adapt to various guests' needs at a moment's notice.


Let us help you with your commercial bedding needs

  • Kathryn Fisher

    North Island Sales Representative


    Mobile: 021 460 090

  • Karlene Calder

    South Island Sales Representative


    Phone: 03 366 3879
Mobile: 021 469 163