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About us

At Brownies Mattress Direct we pride ourselves on cutting out the middleman since 1939. We do this by manufacturing mattress and base sets at our Christchurch stores, and selling them directly to Kiwis. This is done through our 6 stores nationwide in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, Blenheim, Nelson and Invercargill. By removing the wholesaler from the equation, you know that you are getting unrivalled quality and value on any bed set you purchase from Brownies Mattress Direct.

Brownies Mattress Direct are a licensee of Therapedic® sleep products, one of the world’s most popular and successful mattress brands. This helps us provide the latest in quality sleep technology to all of our customers nationwide.

We are also happy to offer our customers custom, made-to-order mattress sizes and shapes. These options allow you to find the perfect mattress to fit your antique beds, campers, boats or anything else you might need!

We also offer repair services at our Christchurch-based factory. Whether you need your mattress recovered, or perhaps some extra comfort layers, Brownies Mattress Direct can help you achieve your goal. We offer same-day repair services to everyone in the Christchurch area. Freight charges apply to those outside of Christchurch and a longer lead time will likely be required.


How it all began

Here at Brownies Mattress Direct, we are often asked how we have managed to help Kiwis get a good night sleep for nearly 80 years. The main reason is that we run a stable, family-owned business.

In 1939, Frank Brownie began offering weekend mattress repairs to locals out of his Christchurch garage, but he had a bigger vision. Not deterred by the fact that wire was a rare commodity in the World War II era, Frank successfully got the finance to build a factory in Sockburn, where he ran a mattress repair business full-time, known as Brownies Mattress Service.

Frank’s business thrived and he outgrew the Sockburn factory, moving to Pages Road in Christchurch. Here, Brownies Mattress Service began to manufacture Innerspring mattresses alongside their well-established mattress repair work.

The business continued to grow, lead by the Brownies’ hands-on ownership and the knowledge they gained through the generations. Moving several times, Brownies Mattress Direct eventually settled on 128 Moorhouse Ave, where the factory and head office are located to this day.

Brownies Mattress Direct proudly remain 100% New Zealand owned and operated. No matter the bed you choose with Brownies Mattress Direct, you know it will be great value and quality. Dean and all the Brownies before him can guarantee it.


Therapedic Sleep Products

Therapedic® have been producing mattresses that are world renowned for their quality and excellence in innovation for over 60 years. Through their continual research and development, Therapedic® create sleep products of superior quality, superb quality and enduring value.

To maintain Therapedic®’s award-winning excellence in engineering and construction, licensees like Brownies Mattress Direct must adhere to rigid guidelines. This ensures customers are continually provided with the best bed sets and always get a good night’s sleep.

Of Brownies Mattress Direct, Therapedic® CEO Gerry Borreggine said, “We are thrilled to have Brownies Mattress as a long-time licensing partner, successfully representing the Therapedic brand in New Zealand for many years."