Frequently Asked Questions


As a guide you should change your bed every 10 years. Old beds can have a number of negative impacts on your health that you should be aware of. Lying in the same place each night inevitably wears your bed down, resulting in less support for your spine. Dust mites and moisture can also cause your bed’s quality to decrease over time and leave you exposed to germs. You should check your bed for visible signs of wear and tear at least twice a year, and ask yourself if you’re sleeping better or worse than you were a year ago. If worse, call into your local Brownies Mattress Direct and speak with one of our sleep experts.

Yes. We are always happy to make custom mattresses and bed sets to fit antique beds, campers, boats and a variety of other uses. If the bed you are looking for is an unusual shape, provide us with an accurate pattern and we can work from there. When ordering custom mattresses, consider that it might be more difficult to find sheets or other bedding to go with it.

If you’re not completely satisfied within 100 nights of sleeping on your new Brownies’ mattress, you may exchange it. One of our sleeping experts will help you to find a model that is more suited to you. Exchanged mattress (and base) must be returned in clean, unmarked condition. Custom made/special sizes excluded. Account must be paid in full. Freight costs may apply. All our mattresses come with either a 5 or 10 year warranty, depending on the model purchased. Our warranty covers:

  • Any manufacturer defect in the mattress cover such as the fabric tearing or stitching unraveling.
  • A visible level of sagging greater than 2 inches on the mattress. This refers to dipping that is visible when no weight is applied to the top of the mattress. Please note that this will only be covered in when our mattresses are on the appropriate base and have been flipped/rotated as suggested.

Our warranty does not cover:

  • Minor imperfections and slight cosmetic flaws.
  • Damage excluded from our warranty includes but is not limited to stains, smoke or water damage, soiled or unsanitary mattress, burns, rips, tears or damage from an insufficient base.
  • Any unsanitary condition or conditions caused by the owner.
  • Natural aroma from latex, cotton or foam, etc.

Upon returning/exchanging an item, provide your original register receipt or another adequate proof of purchase. If these requirements are not satisfied Brownies Mattress Direct reserves the right not to offer an exchange, refund or warranty. In the unlikely event that your goods are faulty on arrival, we will certainly meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and provide a remedy.

Our standard bases come covered in ticking to match that of the mattress. However, you can upgrade to an Upholstered Bed Base for an additional cost. These come in Black, Charcoal, Beige or Taupe.Furthermore, we also have various slat bases which can found in ourfurnituresection. These can be perfect for those hard-to-get-to bedrooms and provide extra storage space.

Yes. At Brownies Mattress Direct we sell mattresses and bed bases separately. When ordering your new mattress, ensure it fits properly with the base you already have. If you’re unsure, call into your local Brownies Mattress Direct and speak to one of our sleep experts or contact us.

Yes. We sell used bags in-store for $2 each. However, we can’t guarantee that the size you want will be available.Alternatively, you can buy a new mattress bags. They are available in all sizes and are $10 each.

New mattresses should be rotated, on average, every fortnight. After you’ve owned the mattress for a few months, you should rotate it every 3-6 months. But use your best judgment. If you feel a bit of a sag in the mattress, it might be best to rotate it more often. Regularly turning your mattress can help maintain more settlement between mattress layers, and will also help you maintain the conditions of your mattress warranty.Single-sided mattresses are designed to be used on one side only. They must be rotated from end to end only. Both sides of a double-sided mattress can be slept on. You can alternate times the mattress is rotated and turned over

If you’re partner is keeping you awake at night, we recommend you take a look at our Therawrap™ range. It’s individually wrapped coil technology allows it’s pocket springs to move independently, reducing partner disturbance and giving you a peaceful night’s sleep. We have 12 Therawrap™ models to choose from.Come down to your local Brownies Mattress Direct for a free sleep fitting to see if a bed from our Therawrap™ range is right for you and your partner.

If you have a bad back, we recommend that you take a look at our BackSense™ range. Personally recommended by New Zealand Chiropractor Stuart Craig, this range features exclusive HourGlass Back Support technology for increased support of your shoulders, lumbar region and hips. It also has an Innergy innerspring design to reduce motion transfer. We have 8 BackSense™ models to choose from, so come down to your local Brownies Mattress Direct for a free sleep fitting to see if the BackSense™ range is right for you.

Absolutely. We offer a selection of bed legs to suit various height requirements, flooring types and styles. All of our castors and glides have an 8mm metal thread. We have 50mm, 85mm or 145mm castors and glides available. These can be purchased at $5 per leg. We also have traditional wooden legs available at an additional cost of $10 per leg. They have a wide thread diameter of approximately 38mm and range in height from 50mm up to 250mm.

Yes. We provide a same day repair service to those living in the Christchurch district. Freight charges apply for out of town repairs. Contact our staff for further information on the types of repairs we offer as well as to make transport arrangements if required.If you are doing some general spot cleaning, refer to the label on the back of your mattress for instructions. To protect your mattress from spills and stains, take a look at our range of breathable, waterproof mattress protectors.

Given that people tend to sleep in the same area of the mattress every night, the foams and comfort layers are continually compressed over time. Within the first two or three weeks of owning a mattress, a small indentation will form on the surface of your mattress. This is known as a body impression.Body impressions are clinically proven to help support spinal alignment and relieve pressure from your body, giving you a good night’s sleep. Many people mistake body impressions for a mattress defect known as sagging. As a general rule, if your mattress shows an indentation of up to 2 inches this will not be a defect, but rather the mattress conforming to your body’s shape.

Yes. Brownies Mattress Direct offer a large variety of sheet sets, alongside all your other bedding needs. Our fitted sheets range from 35mm to 50cm to cater for the deepest of mattresses.Please consider that the sales of pillows and bedding are final, so we encourage you to choose carefully. If the good are faulty, we will certainly meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 to provide a remedy.

If you already have an existing base, we often recommend Opulence model from our BackSense™ range. We often have people come to Brownies Mattress Direct asking for a pocket spring mattress to go on their slatted base. Our pocket spring mattresses are designed to give an optimum level of support, when coupled with a firm and stable platform base. Using other types of bases such as slatted bases changes that level of support and often adds partner disturbance and disturbed sleep patterns.