5 Tips To Keep Warm in Bed This Winter

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5 Tips To Keep Warm in Bed This Winter

No one likes crawling into bed on a cold winter’s night feeling as if they’ll be shivering themselves to sleep. 

That’s why we’ve come up with some handy remedies to wipe away those winter blues and ensure you get that warm, cozy feeling when you hop into bed this winter season!

1. More than just mattress protection!

Mattress protectors aren’t just there to protect mattresses. They can also protect you from the freezing cold! Something like our Dreamseeker All Seasons Reversible Mattress Protector will do the trick. With its funky reversible feature, you’ve got a high quality wool layer to keep you warm during the winter, and then bam - flip it over during the warmer months for a cooler cotton/wool underlay. You get the best of both worlds! 

2. Layer it up!

Instead of using just one thick blanket or duvet, go wild and add some layers to it! Using multiple blankets works to trap air and produce heat- which is what we want! And if you go a tad overboard and get too hot during the night, chances are, you’ll end up kicking a layer off anyway.

3. Your duvet may need an upgrade

As long as you’re not against using animal products, updating your duvet to one that is made from feathers or wool will work wonders for the winter season. And don’t worry- if you’d prefer to avoid animal-based fillings, we’ve got a microfibre duvet just for you! 

4. Cuddle up with some tea

There’s no better feeling then snuggling up in bed, hands wrapped around a warm cup of tea! No matter which tea flavour you prefer - or whether you want a generous mug of hot chocolate - that little bit of warmth will go a long way!

5. Avoid cold feet

During winter, it’s often our feet that suffer the most. So, in order to keep your whole body snug and toasty, make sure to put on a pair of socks before you jump into bed. Choose ones that are comfy for you! Not too tight that they constrict blood flow and of course, not too loose that they come off during the night - no one likes that! 

And if the cold weather isn’t the only thing keeping you up at night, check out our other blog post about useful Sleep Hacks For A Better Night’s Rest.

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