Pamper Tips to Destress Before Bed

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Pamper Tips to Destress Before Bed

Stressed? Pressured at work? Anxious about something that has been on your mind for a while, and dreading going to bed because you know that you won’t be able to get a good night’s sleep?

We have all been there! Knowing that sleep is essential to your overall health and wellbeing, it is important to be able to reduce any forms of stress that you are experiencing, especially before jumping into bed.

Implementing some relaxation techniques can definitely help with recovering from your busy, stressful day, to ensure you get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

Here is a helpful, self-care pamper routine that you can follow the next time you’re feeling a little too stressed to fall asleep!

Avoid all forms of technology

First things first. Technology - try to avoid it at all costs at least 30 minutes before bed! Although you can sometimes get caught up in scrolling through your Instagram and Facebook feed just before heading off to bed, it is important to be able to say ‘no’ to your social channels when your bedtime is nearing.

Being on your smartphone late at night often stimulates your brain and tricks it in thinking that you need to stay awake longer. ‘Do Not Disturb’ is your best friend in this circumstance.

Take a bath

Even if you’re not a big fan of taking a bath at night, just think of the positive side - a warm, relaxing bath can do wonders for both your physical and mental wellbeing. Adding a little epsom salt can ease any muscle tension you’re experiencing or even using lavender essential oil to help you unwind for a restful night’s sleep.

Face mask time!

Not only great for your skincare routine, but a perfect way to rejuvenate, a cleansing face mask can help you destress and transition into an element of relaxation and comfort.

Don’t have a store-bought face mask at home? No worries. Homemade face masks do just the same, if not, better! Try honey & cinnamon, or an oatmeal & coconut oil combination.  

Herbal remedy

Tea time! Making yourself a cup of comforting and warming tea can add to a peaceful bedtime atmosphere.

Try caffeine-free herbal teas such as lemon balm, rose, lavender, chamomile or peppermint. These popular herbal remedies are known for their calming effects and can help improve your mental state by reducing feelings of anxiety and concern.

Read or write, whichever you prefer

Do you love reading novels, but never get the chance to take a break from reality and enjoy a good read? It’s time to pick up a light-hearted novel, that’s not overly stimulating, to keep your mind off your worries and your mood in a happy state.

Alternatively, you may like to opt for a gratitude journal - think positive thoughts. What are you grateful for today?   
Hopefully, these self-care pamper tips have given you more insight and knowledge about how to sleep better in times of stress and tension.

At the end of the day (or night, in these circumstances), it’s important to be able to determine for yourself, which relaxation strategies work well for you. Good luck, and good night!

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