4 Sleep Hacks For A Better Night’s Rest

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4 Sleep Hacks For A Better Night’s Rest

Sleep is vital for restoring your body and mind, strengthening your immune system, and maintaining general good physical and mental health. Sleep deprivation can slowly deteriorate your health, and you might not realise that missing out on those full nights of undisturbed sleep is actually damaging.

A bad quality mattress can be the cause of a host of issues including bad sleep. But, if a new mattress isn’t on the cards anytime soon, you can make some quick fixes to improve your sleep that won’t break the wallet.

Don’t underestimate a good pillow

If you have a bad mattress you can’t replace anytime soon, a decent pillow can do wonders in the meantime to aid in supporting you. Select one that is made of quality, natural, soft materials like natural silk or a feather blend, is able to keep its shape and continue supporting your neck and head properly and maintains airflow.

A Therapedic Pocket Spring Silk Pillow is an excellent choice, keeping its shape for years to come.

Invest in a quality mattress topper

A quality mattress topper will add a layer of luxury to your bed and increase your sleep without the commitment and price tag of a brand new mattress.

If your current mattress is too firm, a mattress topper may be all you need to make it perfect for you. The My Own FusionGel™ Topper has superior pressure relief, support and temperature management properties of advanced gel particles.

Keep irritants at bay with a mattress protector

Any allergy or asthma-related sleeping issues are largely resolved by using a mattress protector. A mattress protector protects your bed from dust mites and keeps you free from allergies.

A waterproof mattress protector will remain cool and comfortable, and it’s completely waterproof quality won’t allow anything through its barrier, protecting you and your sleep from any irritants.

Create a better sleeping environment

Your surroundings can make or break a good sleep; mainly light, sound and temperature. So, if you have streetlights intruding through your window from the street, a noisy pet during the night or your room is too hot, make changes so that your room becomes a quiet, calm place.

Trying to have your bedroom at a slightly cooler temperature than the rest of your house will promote good sleep, as it helps lower your body temperature to the naturally cooler state it reaches when asleep. Remove electronic distractions and bright screens from your room. If you need some entertainment, crack open a good book instead.

Incorporate these tips and create a sleep-friendly bed and bedroom. Browse our mattress, bedding and furniture range today.

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