Inside Celebrity Bedrooms: Decor Tips from the Stars

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Inside Celebrity Bedrooms: Decor Tips from the Stars

We love to keep up with their lives through social media, and while the homes of stars are usually kept private, we love when they share any home decor ideas with us - especially when it comes to bedroom decorating tips! Here are some of our favourite celebrity bedrooms and ideas on how you can get the same look at home.

Jennifer Aniston

jennifer-aniston-celebrity-bedroom-decor Image credit: François Dischinger (Architectural Digest) What we love: The clean lines in Jen’s bedroom allow for lots of fun with texture, from the shag rug to those ultra-cuddly pillows and plush beanbags. Style tip: Rest picture frames and artworks on shelving rather than hanging them for an eclectic, curated look. Get the look: Opt for neutral bed linen and a plush headboard, then accessorise with textured cushions and throws.  

Kris Jenner

kris-jenner-celebrity-bedroom-decor Image Credit: William Abranowicz (Architectural Digest) What we love: The momager surprised us with a simple approach to decor in the master bedroom. We love the restraint in the palette and decorations. Style tip: Hanging small artwork at eyelevel helps to bring character to a space without making it feel crowded. Get the look: Opt for the ultimate in simple luxury with high-quality bedding in a hessian or burlap tone, and complement this with natural finishes in your bedroom furniture.  

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

sarah-jessica-parker-celebrity-bedroom-decor Image credit: William Waldron (Elle Decor) What we love: This beautiful Hamptons bedroom immediately gives off a relaxed, beachy vibe through its use of white and wood (and the classic coastal ceiling fan). Style tip: Pick accent colours and explore these through different shades across the decor elements in the room. Get the look: Accessorise your white bedroom with pops of colour. Pick out vases, chairs, ornaments or even a headboard to invite colour into your space.  

Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman

megan-mullally-bedroom-celebrity-decor Image credit: Miguel Flores-Vianna (Elle Decor) What we love: The clever use of the greenery outside the windows really ties the tonal choices of this bedroom together. Style tip: Consider using a series of prints - or even your own photographs - to display, as opposed to a singular artwork. Get the look: An oversized bedhead is the winner here, with matching bedside tables and lamps keeping things symmetrical.   Is your bedroom in need of a makeover? Check out our range of furniture and bedding to transform your room into a celeb-worthy retreat.
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