Designing the Perfect Guest Bedroom

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Designing the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Summer for many of us is a revolving door of friends coming to stay, relatives making your home their own, and your kids hosting sleepovers every other night. Chances are, your guest bedroom is currently recovering from a pretty intense few weeks of use!

Now’s a great time to give that spare bedroom some love, and set it up perfectly for the next guest to call it home for a night. Here’s how to make your guest bedroom a place they’ll never want to leave!

Channel your inner Marie Kondo and tidy up

“Discard anything that doesn’t bring you joy.” It’s the mantra of Japanese organization guru Marie Kondo, and it should be yours as you tackle the clutter that has likely accumulated in the spare bedroom.

The spare room is typically a dumping ground for things you barely use, clothes you hardly wear - you get the idea. See what you can donate or discard from your spare room to create some room to breathe for your guests (and feel super accomplished in the process).

From here, you’ll want to ensure there is space for your guests to ‘unpack’ - some hanging space in the wardrobe or a drawer just for them will make your guests feel welcomed from the start.

Give them that hotel sheet feeling at home

It’s the first thing we all do when we’ve checked into a hotel - jump on the bed and envelop ourselves in those perfectly crisp white sheets. While the color palette can be a bit more daring, the sheets in your guest bedroom should be of high quality - sheets you’d be happy to sleep in yourself!

Make it cozy with a throw or blanket, particularly during the upcoming cooler months.

When it comes to pillows, it can be hard to please everyone - but we think it’s hard to go wrong with a memory foam pillow. Its medium firmness and contours fit each guest’s head, neck, and shoulders to give them the perfect support.

Finish the look with furniture

Chances are, your guests will want a bit of time to unwind before hitting the hay. A comfy chair is a perfect nook to read a book, get changed, take off shoes or store things like coats and scarves.

A bedside table and lamp are also a must, letting your guests read easily or just kick back in bed before going to sleep.

Where possible, a mirror can also let your guests make last-minute touch-ups without sacrificing their privacy. When space is cramped, fix on the back of the door or inside a wardrobe for convenience.

Place some finishing touches on your room in line with your personal style - photos or artwork, scented candles or some of your favorite books are easy ways to make your guests really feel the part. If you feel like going above and beyond, a welcome gesture like the classic chocolate on the pillow or fresh flowers will impress even the pickiest relative!

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