Three Steps to Maximising your Bedroom Space

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Three Steps to Maximising your Bedroom Space

Living in a small bedroom isn’t a bad thing - it just means you have to be smarter about how you use the space. There are some tricks you can adopt to trick the eye into thinking you’re somewhere a lot larger (and likewise, some common mistakes that apparently shrink the size of the bedroom before your very eyes!).

Before you start designing or redesigning, think about the top tips for maximising your space in small bedrooms.

Why clutter free?

In any room, but especially one where space is limited, clutter can be overwhelming. If you have a small room, and you have piles of clothes or books stacked on every surface, this can make everything seem a lot busier than it really is, and gives you the sense you’re crammed into an even smaller space.

There’s one simple fix: clear the surfaces and the blank spaces will instantly give you some more visual room. You could also invest in some smart storage that allows you to file the clutter away in drawers or shelves, without the visual mess. Instant space! But where to start?

1. Plan your attack

Don’t attempt to do everything at once; you will lose steam halfway through when you become overwhelmed. Instead, segment your room into bite-sized chunks and tackle one part at a time. Start with the easier sections to build momentum (maybe your bedside table needs some love) before moving on to the disaster zones (wardrobe, anyone?). Don’t take on the whole house over a weekend; spread it out over a month or so, and give each zone the love it deserves. Your energy levels will thank you.

2. Be hard line on what you want to keep

In each section, take the time to sort through your stuff and take a hard line on what you want to keep, and what you want to throw away. Create a few piles: one for the rubbish/recycling, one for good quality things destined for the charity donation bin, and one for things you definitely want to keep. (But be strict on yourself! Remember: the key here is to downsize. Don’t keep too much.)

Sort all your remaining items into piles (jackets, pants, shoes, books, kids’ toys) and take note of what you have. Then, you can start to figure out what storage you need to buy to sort your remaining belongings into clear categories.

3. Get storing

Now, the fun part. Deciding which storage options you need. And it really is fun - the modern world offers up an endless array of storage solutions, including ones designed especially for your small space. So you don’t have to invest in bulky bookshelves or oversized ottomans to keep your clutter at bay; all you need to do is find the streamlined storage that works in your small space.

Try some drawers under the bed for your bedsheets and towels; a lowboy under your window that has deep drawers to store your jumpers; or some purpose-designed boxes that fit neatly into your wardrobe. Then all you need to do is neatly fold and stack those piles from before into the boxes. Voila!

There you have it! Three steps that, when repeated, will give you your space back and make any tiny space feel a whole lot larger.

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