Partner Keeping You Up at Night? How to Sleep Peacefully Together

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Partner Keeping You Up at Night? How to Sleep Peacefully Together

We love them while they’re awake, but our partner’s sleep habits can often test the relationship!

If your partner is keeping you from getting those precious Zs, don’t relegate yourself to the couch just yet - there are actually proven benefits to sleeping alongside the one you love, so we’ve rounded up some tips to tackle some of the biggest deal breakers!

The Benefits of Sleeping Together

Snuggling up to your partner isn’t just a feel-good activity - it’s been proven to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, and instead raise levels of oxytocin - the ‘love’ hormone.

This creates a better environment for sleep, and getting enough sleep regularly has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and mental health issues.

It’s also been reported that couples who share a bed note that reconnecting and talking about their day in bed is important for their relationship health.

But it’s not always this rosy - here are some of the most common complaints couples have about sleeping with their partner.


Number one on most people’s lists of sleep interrupters, a snoring partner can often drive couples to sleep separately. Snoring is more common in men than women, and is likely to worsen with age.

While losing a bit of weight or ditching drinks at dinner can have a small impact on snoring, if it’s continually keeping you awake it’s worth suggesting that your partner visits a professional. This is to rule out any more serious underlying medical issues.

Tossing & Turning

Sometimes we all struggle to find that perfect comfy spot before drifting off to sleep. But a partner who rolls over multiple times throughout the night can be hard to sleep next to!

Layering your bedding with different sheets and duvets can help to minimise the disturbance from a restless sleeper.

Another solution to consider is a mattress with an independent coil system like this. This technology minimises partner disturbance, and will allow you to sleep uninterrupted.

Ensuring your mattress is large enough for both of you to spread out will also help.

Blanket Tug of War

The ideal temperature for sleep is on the cooler side. This is all well and good until you have the sheets ripped off you by a blanket hog!

Waking up shivering while your partner is cocooned in all the bedding? Invest in some blankets or a duvet of your own. You’ll be less fatigued, and a lot cosier!

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