How to Make The Transition To A Big Kid’s Room

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How to Make The Transition To A Big Kid’s Room

Our kids grow up so fast, and one of the signs they’re becoming little adults is when they’re ready for their ‘big kid’s room.’ While there’s no set age that this transition should take place, your little one will let you know when they’re ready to upgrade to their own bed. It’s a great idea to mark the occasion by upgrading the rest of their room, too.

Saying goodbye to your little one’s room as you know it can be difficult - for them and you. Here are some of our best tips to make the transition a smooth one for all involved.

Getting it Right - The Big Kid’s Bed

One of the biggest adjustments your little one will make is the move from a cot or crib to their own, grown-up bed. This piece of furniture should last for the next few years, so picking the right bed is the first step you need to get right in the process.

While beds for toddlers often feature cute and colourful designs, they also come with an expiry date as your child enters a period of rapid growth. Think long-term and pick something bigger that they can grow into.

The mattress should be able to protect a growing spine, while still providing comfort so your little one can get the rest they need.

Be sure to invest in a mattress protector as well, particularly if your child has allergies or is toilet training.

Let Them Be a Part of the Process

One way to emphasise the positivity of such a change is letting your child be involved! Whether that be letting them pick out their linen colour or pattern, or painting the walls together (as long as you approve the colour palette first). Giving kids some ownership lets them feel in control of the changes taking place.

Change is a big part of growing up! Ensuring they see the process as a positive thing now will prevent a lot of tantrums down the track.

Keep It Functional

As your toddler becomes a ‘big kid,’ they’ll start to outgrow their current storage. Take this opportunity to implement some big kid storage, too. Pick out new furniture with plenty of drawers to house their clothes and toys. This will keep the floor clear and your sanity intact!

Remember Safety

Lastly, it’s good to keep in mind with all of these changes that a big kid’s room doesn’t mean that childproofing is out the window.

If your child is a roller or was prone to sleeping against the rail of their crib, consider placing the bed against the wall for some extra security. Also consider how high the bed is from the ground, especially if your child likes to climb!

In the business since 1939, the team at Brownies have helped countless children (and parents!) with the exciting transition to a big kids’ room. Stop by one of our six locations throughout New Zealand and let us help you pick out the perfect bed set & mattress for your child, or shop our range on the website.

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