It’s About More than Just Thread Count

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It’s About More than Just Thread Count

If you’re looking for luxurious linen, you’ll likely be using thread count as your main reference point. But sometimes thread count is not the indicator of superior quality.

So, will that 1000 thread count sheet be the ultimate in luxury fabric? The answer – only sometimes. Unfortunately it’s not always that simple.

Luckily for you, we’re here to break down why it’s not always about thread count, and what else you should be looking for in your linen.

Thread Count

While high thread count certainly leads to softer sheets, the quality of the thread is key. A better quality thread of a lower count will often feel softer and last longer than an higher thread count and lower quality fibre option.

Simply put, thread count is often a tool that companies use to trick you into paying more on lower quality sheets. So besides thread count, here’s what else you should be paying for when you buy sheets…

Fibre Length

Cotton/polyester blend sheets are popular because they are wrinkle resistant, durable and relatively cheap. But if you’re looking for that soft, cool feel then you should choose 100% cotton. Cotton also releases dirt when it gets wet, making it more stain resistant.

While all types of cotton are great in these ways, long staple (or long fibre) cotton feel noticeably softer. Unlike a sheet woven from shorter fibres, long staple cotton prevents the sheet from pulling and linting.

Weave Type

The weave of a sheet is also important. It affects the way it feels, it’s appearance, longevity and price. Basic weaves are generally made from an equal amount of vertical and horizontal yarns. They are a low quality and price option.

Percale is an upscale version of the plain weave with a thread count around 180. It’s strengths it’s longevity and crisp feel.

Santeen weaves have more vertical than horizontal yarns. This leads to a softer feel.

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